Commercial Locksmith

Pompano Beach, FL Commercial Locksmith offers a comprehensive locksmith as well as security services for all of your commercial and industrial premises. Whether you’re in need of a lock replacement on internal office doors, installation of a CCTV system, or your office building secured after burglary, call us today for 24*7, anytime and foe any commercial locksmith needs in Pompano Beach, FL. With our expertise and knowledge we can efficiently deal with any commercial locksmith issues.

Master key system is quite common in commercial places and they control the movements of people in a building. So, as your local Locksmith Pompano Beach, FL specialists, we can supply master key systems to suit your specific needs, from a plain keyed alike, single key to open all the locks , to more complex master systems on restricted key profile, means key blanks aren’t available for duplication since the profile is specific to your own building.

The access control system is a substitute to having many keys for master key system is to install Mechanical or Electronic keyless Entry systems that can be intended to allow access to a specific part of your buildings at different time of the day or night. These units let the codes to get changed again and again saving you the costs and hassles of needing to replace the locks if any employee leaves without giving the keys back.